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Key cutting

Key Cutting

We can cut most household, padlock and safe keys. We have four experienced key cutters and can usually cut keys while you wait. It’s really helpful if you can provide us with an original key as this gives greater accuracy. In the case of padlock keys, if you can bring in the actual padlock we can test it works for you. With all cut keys we always recommend that you test them before you need to use them – Try before you rely!

Single and double sided cylinder keys
Mortice keys with our without wards
Pipe, pin and safe keys

Check out our prices

Standard Cylinder keys £2.90 with '2 for £5' offer for 2 identical cylinder keys
Standard Mortice keys £4.40
Additional charges for double-sided cylinder keys or mortice keys with extra side cuts

Hire Service

We have four different carpet cleaners plus a tile cutter and a wallpaper steamer for hire – it is best to book in advance to reserve an item for a particular date but we often have availability if you just turn up on the day. We don’t take a deposit but we do ask to see photo ID (eg driving licence) or some other proof of name and address.

Carpet Cleaning

Standard Carpet Cleaner:
£18 for a 24 hour midweek hire (Cleaners hired any time on Fri to be returned by 9 am Sat)
£22 for a weekend hire (from 9.30 am Sat to 9 am Mon)
Upholstery nozzle also available at no extra charge

Hydromist Carpet Cleaner (for larger, open areas):
£25 for 24 hours

Tile Cutter
£15 for 24 hours

Wallpaper Steamer
£15 for 24 hours

Additional days, part days and late returns are charged at 50%

Paint Mixing

Paint Mixing

We have a Crown paint mixing machine with which we mix paint in both Crown and Berger brands as well as special colours in Sadolins. It has a wide range of recipes including British Standard and RAL colours, and of course Crown’s own wide collection of retail and trade colours. Most colours can be mixed in matt and silk emulsions, (soft sheen to order) as well as in oil based satin and liquid gloss. Emulsions come in 250ml (matt only), 1litre, 2.5l and 5l. Satin and Gloss in 750ml and 2.5l.

We always mix paint with the customer present so we can be sure of your requirements – it’s important for you to be certain of your choice of colour, finish and size before we commence mixing as we have no way of un-mixing paint!

Calor Gas

We have weekly deliveries from Calor and keep all the standard sized cylinders as well as Camping Gaz.

Patio Gas
Camping Gaz

4.5kg, 7kg, 12kg, 15kg
3.9kg, 6kg, 13kg, 19kg
901, 904, 907

We also stock 13kg Patio gas and 6kg Calor Lite but both of these are in short supply and Calor are not producing any more cylinders in these sizes.

Delivery Service

(provided for those with no transport or for bulkier items)

Within Attleborough - £3 charge
Beyond Attleborough (up to about 5 miles) - £7 charge
(Further afield - priced per request)

Nuts ‘n’ Bolts
Church Street | Attleborough | Norfolk | NR17 2AH

01953 453985

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